I am a painter. Living, working, and exploring in Washington State.

My mixed media paintings seek to enter the conversation of painting somewhere between the figure and abstraction. The portraits I paint are meant to be raw and unyielding. There is a certain melancholy feeling I seek to achieve in every painting, which I find beautiful and ambiguous. They leave just enough of the story unfinished to evoke a personal emotional response from each viewer. They ask the viewer to look for more than just a moment to notice the details and feel the energy. Spontaneous moments of clarity take place throughout the process and serve as jumping off points as the image evolves. Paint and other mediums are added in a state of flow. Paint is scraped away revealing layers and textures below, before additional layers are added. The result is an intersection of my observations of both the cold, digital images we encounter every day and the beauty of a more organic, natural existence. Although oil painting serves as the central medium for the work, no single medium is held sacred. The combination of oil paint, pastel, charcoal, spray paint, and markers each provide a distinct dimensionality to the work.

BFA - Washington State University 2012



Current Work